Extruded products in focus

With an eye on emerging ice cream trends, we continue to develop our extrusion solutions. It has never been easier to produce products with intense flavor mixes and large chunks of inclusions.



Engineered performance

The WS series is well-known in the ice cream industry. Our freezer specialists collaborate closely with customers to further improve this industry icon.




Performance & Flexibility

BT Extrusion Lines are the preferred solution among the majority of leading ice cream producers. With outstanding efficiency, capacity and versatility, it is not hard to see why. 


Exclusively designed for ice cream

The GCS solution is 100% engineered for ice cream production and has proven its efficiency and versatility in a short time throughout the industry.

Molded products in focus

We continue to design new solutions for molded ice production to provide you with more exciting product options and, at the same time, better performance.