Is your performance going down? Has it become more difficult to operate your equipment and keep it running smoothly? Does it require maintenance more often, are parts and software becoming obsolete?

There are various potential reasons for upgrading your equipment, such as:

  • Equipment is difficult to maintain, and it is becoming economically or functionally obsolete
  • Equipment no longer meets your functional, technical, nor safety standards
  • Secure and reliable online access and potential data collection
  • Reduce costs through automated processes, utility savings, higher accuracy and less waste

Upgrading existing equipment extends machinery lifetime, increases reliability and performance, while ensuring availability of spare parts, and easy, secure online support.

Investing in existing equipment will give you the opportunity to maximize your future profitability, because incorporating the latest software and technology will optimize operation, boost yield and improve cost effectiveness.

We have various upgrade programs for our VITALINE, BT line, RIA, and freezers for you to benefit from, that include:

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Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are built into every piece of equipment we make.