Spare parts


At Gram Equipment we understand that your ice cream production lines are subject to tough conditions, which puts all components under extreme stress and temperatures. This is why Gram Equipment designs and manufactures spare parts with the best possible durability and to the highest quality standards.

OEM spare parts (as opposed to non-original parts) in general improve machine performance, reliability, and reduce overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Our spare part program contains:

  • Customized components and made-to-order spare parts
  • Stock guarantee and obsolescence management system
  • Recommended spare parts
  • Spare part packages
  • Warranty and repair services
  • Best supplier agreements
  • Advice on stock optimization
  • Spare part analysis

All our parts are manufactured from high-quality materials and are designed specifically for our equipment to ensure uptime, high performance, and extended lifetime. By choosing OEM spare parts, you keep your equipment in original great shape, that is made to last.

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Spare Parts support:
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Spare Parts support email:

Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are built into every piece of equipment we make.