24-7 Support


Even the best equipment, in the best plants, sometimes fails. Uptime is vital to your business because, while generating revenues, consistent and strong uptime also ensures customer deliveries. Signing up for our hotline support will give you immediate access to expert knowledge and online assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for your business to work full time.


  • Assistance around the clock
  • Online support to ensure production uptime
  • Expert knowledge about your specific system and equipment
  • Real time troubleshooting on technical matters
  • Fast response
  • Expert assistance for hardware and software issues
  • Operational piece of mind

The hotline is operated by Gram Equipment support engineers to provide tailored assistance on your specific equipment.


  • Access to Gram Equipment 24-7 online and phone support
  • Dedicated hotline number operated by Gram Equipment support engineers
  • Remote access with secure logon to customer systems for troubleshooting
  • Detailed hotline report

Interested in learning more about in the benefits of our 24-7 support? Then do not hesitate to contact our After Sales & Service team.

24-7 Support: +45 7320 1777

Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are built into every piece of equipment we make.