The shift towards sustainable packaging materials is a growing demand in the ice cream industry, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Gram Equipment’s response to this evolution, particularly adapting to Billerud’s Recyclable Flow Wrap, highlights a significant advancement in packaging technology. This article explores how Gram Equipment’s equipment advancements are ensuring quality and efficiency with new packaging materials.

Adapting equipment for sustainable packaging

The transition from traditional plastic-based materials to sustainable alternatives like paper-based wraps presents unique challenges for packaging equipment. Billerud’s development of the Recyclable Flow Wrap is a leap forward in sustainable packaging. However, the successful implementation of this material requires equipment that can handle its distinct properties while maintaining high-quality packaging standards. Gram Equipment’s contribution in this transition is crucial, focusing on adapting machine parameters to ensure consistent quality with new materials.

Understanding the technical adjustments

Gram Equipment’s innovation revolves around the careful fine-tuning of machine parameters to accommodate the unique characteristics of paper-based wraps. Unlike plastic, paper materials come in various flexibilities, and barrier properties that can affect the packaging process. Our engineering teams have been diligently working on modifying machine settings, such as tension control, sealing temperatures, and speed. These adjustments are vital to ensure that the transition to sustainable materials maintains and even enhances the efficiency and quality of the packaging process.

Test & trials in real-world setting

A central part of our approach is testing these innovations in practical settings. Therefore, we are conducting trials in two different ice cream plants and within our dedicated Ice Technology Center. These facilities provide valuable testing grounds where our precisely adjusted equipment is used to package products with Billerud’s Recyclable Flow Wrap. These trials are not just formalities; they are essential for understanding the tangible effects of adopting sustainable packaging materials.

Within these controlled yet real-world environments, we have encountered and successfully addressed various challenges associated with transitioning from plastic to paper-based packaging. These challenges include ensuring consistent sealing quality, maintaining production speed, and optimizing material usage. Our engineering teams have worked closely with our partners and clients to identify and solve these issues, developing practical solutions that improve the performance and efficiency of our equipment.

Educating the industry

An essential component of embracing new packaging materials is effective communication. Gram Equipment aims to educate the industry on the advantages and practicalities of transitioning to sustainable packaging options. Through case studies, technical papers, and hands-on demonstrations, we can showcase how our equipment innovations facilitate this transition, addressing common concerns and highlighting the benefits of sustainable packaging solutions.


The move towards sustainable packaging materials in the ice cream industry is not just a trend but a necessary shift for environmental responsibility.

Gram Equipment is at the forefront of this change, not only by adapting our equipment to new materials like Billerud’s Recyclable Flow Wrap but also by partaking in the conversation on how to successfully make this transition. Through continuous innovation and industry partnerships, we are demonstrating that sustainability, efficiency and quality can go hand in hand.

We invite you to stay tuned for our upcoming articles, where we’ll continue to introduce topics and key areas that might have an impact on ice cream production.

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