Quality is our foundation

What we expect from suppliers

All suppliers shall sign and respect the Gram Equipment Supplier Code of Conduct as we take ethics and integrity seriously. We are committed to doing the right things in the right way — while improving value for our shareholders, protecting our reputation, and creating the best environment for our collaboration partners.

Furthermore, we have specific requirements for our suppliers, and it is important that our suppliers fully understand and commit to adhering to these, read more in our Delivery Requirements.

At Gram Equipment, we want to contribute to the world around us, and we want to take responsible and sustainable actions in our daily business considering people, the environment, and society.

Gram Equipment want to be the best in class – driven by excellence in all we do! We want to ensure our customers’ success by providing know-how, innovative solutions, and global services. This vision and mission are the foundation for all our efforts, and we do expect that our suppliers support our journey.

Find relevant documents below:

Supplier Code of Conduct

Delivery Requirements

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Corporate Social Responsibility

The world around us is setting higher and higher standards towards how a company behaves towards its employees, its surroundings, and the world itself. Companies are under scrutiny regarding treatment of their employees, the communities in which they operate as well as how they treat the environment.

We have incorporated policies and procedures to help guide us towards more socially responsible behaviors, and Gram Equipment respects the guidelines of the UN Global Compact and the ETI within our policies and procedures.

Likewise, we do expect that our suppliers have this on their agenda, and continuously strive and work to improve their internal guidelines, and Gram Equipment support our suppliers through audits to reach our common goals.

Below are some of the key focus areas (not limited to):

  • Human Rights & Labor Rights
  • Child Labor/Young Workers
  • Discrimination & Harassment
  • Forced Labor
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Corruption & Bribery