Capacity up to 30 stroke/min

The Multi-lane HSW machine is a wrapping machine for automatic wrapping of ice cream products.

The HSW machine takes any frozen product in a tray tunnel, stick machine or other kind of production equipment and wraps it automatically in paper or film in one single procedure.

The HSW is designed with focus on food safety

  • Fully automatic wrapping of ice cream products or other similar kinds of food products.
  • The heat-sealed products are cut off and deposited on an outfeed conveyor, without the product coming into contact with any machinery component or human interference.
  • HSW wrapping machines are designed to be fully compatible with all other ice cream production equipment, as well as machinery from all other major suppliers.

Bacteria protection

  • The heat sealing gives a hermetically tight packing, which protects the products from contamination.
  • Both paper and film can be used as wrapping material on the HSW machine.

Engineered performance

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