GIF 700/1500

Capacity from 50 to 1.500 litres/hour

These self-contained continuous ice cream freezers combine remarkable efficiency with compact size for flexible ice cream production and are a vital part of any small-scale ice cream production. The GIF 700/1500 is self-contained units that require no on-site adjustment when delivered. As soon as the connections for the water tower, electricity, and compressed air are established, the unit is ready to operate.

Features: GIF 700-1500

  • Automatic overrun control with air mass flow meter
  • Automatic mix flow control with volumetric mix flow meter
  • Mix and discharge gear pumps in CIP design
  • Automatic cylinder pressure control
  • Automatic Start/Stop
  • Saving-memory of working parameters (up to 25 recipes)
  • Display with visualization of operating data
  • High-efficiency air filtering and sterilizing system
  • R448A direct expansion system
  • Built-in hermetic scroll compressor in the GIF 700
  • 6 cylinder piston compressor in the GIF 1500

GIF 150 freezer

  • Well-known Laboratory Ice Cream Freezer
  • Low mix consumption at start-up
  • Fast reaction to changes
  • Accessories are available for simulating any production
  • Stable and reliable test results
  • Market standard for laboratory freezers
  • PLC download of data (optional)
  • Built-in hermetic scroll compressor in the GIF 150

Capacity: Three models span 30 to 1500 liters/hour.



Production features

Control system


Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are built into every piece of equipment we make.


Benefits & features

  • Full stainless-steel construction
  • Very efficient refrigeration plant and freezing cylinder
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Electrical box integrated in the top part of the frame, encloses all the controls.
  • Horizontally placed freezing cylinder
  • Two gear pumps with independent drives in CIP design
  • Sanitary filters, pressure booster and mass flow meter to control the overrun automatically
  • Very compact and silent dasher drive


Benefits & features

  • Automatic start up with low product loss
  • High & constant ice cream quality
  • Automatic pause and stop procedure with minimum product waste
  • Automatic, user settable CIP cycle
  • Closed loop viscosity control by hot gas injection
  • Condenser water flow controlled by automatic pressure valve
  • Electronically controlled pump speed by VFD
  • User-friendly trend screen
  • Closed loop mix flow control with volumetric mix flow meter
  • Closed loop overrun control with air mass flow meter
  • Closed loop cylinder pressure control
  • Adjustable dasher rotation speed by VFD

Control system

Benefits & features

  • User friendly interface with pushbuttons and color touch display with graphical overview of valves, motors and compressors.
  • Messages on the display are shown in most common languages.
  • Visualization of operating data on the display.
  • Saving-memory of working parameters (up to 100 recipes).
  • All working parameters are computer-controlled.
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC.

The Pumps

Benefits & features

  • Fully CIP*-able (*cleaning in place)
  • CIP Indicator
  • Easy and fast adjustment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pumps kits available for preventive maintenance