Capacity up to 12.000 pcs/h

Smaller in scale and capacity, but with many of the same features as the trusted RIA 14, and build on more than 60 years of RIA knowledge.

This compact rotary filling machine with capacities up to 12.000 pcs/hour is suited for the small to medium producers that need a highly compact and versatile molded stick line for water or ice cream products.

Robust design:

  • Proven principles from large industrial machines like RIA 14
  • Pneumatically driven
  • Low working table, platform not needed
  • Optional touch screen display

Mold ring:

  • Consisting of 9 sections, no tools for mold change needed
  • Plate made of 316 stainless steel
  • Fully drawn cups made from SMO stainless steel
  • Evaporator:
  • PHE model externally placed
  • Standard industrial design

Brine circulation:

  • Efficient brine circulation and heat transfer by means of 3 large pipes

Hot brine:

  • Electrical hot brine heating
  • Optional steam or hot water heating of hot brine by means of titanium plate heat exchanger

Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are build into every piece of equipment we make…