RIA 14

Capacity up to 42.000 pcs/h

RIA makes up a comprehensive series of highly efficient production lines and automatic rotary machines. The rotary equipment is perfect for manufacturing versatile novelty molded stick ice cream, water ice, and similar products.

The key feature of the RIA machines is that each is an entirely self-contained unit with its integral brine plant. In addition, servo drives across the machine make it energy-efficient and enable fast change-overs between productions.


Tank & Brine


Stick inserter


Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are built into every piece of equipment we make.

Tank & Brine

Benefits & features

The RIA provides the most efficient hot & cold brine system with the best performance; it is energy-efficient and requires minimum maintenance.


  • Internal coil evaporator for optimal contact to brine
  • No energy loss
  • Optimized brine flow
  • Low maintenance – 10 years before cleaning
  • CO2 cooling as an option
  • Optimized extraction with total hot brine control


  • Low hot brine temperature
  • Optimized hot brine nozzles
  • Frequency controlled pump for hot brine
  • Coil evaporator – No energy loss

External evaporator, with internal and external brine pump.

The Moldtable

Benefits & features

  • Double support of mold plates
  • Buffer plates optimize brine flow – better freezing, more speed, and better efficiency
  • Divided into sections for easy handling and change-over
  • Double sealing, no leaks, and mold cups completely submerged in brine gives better ice cream texture and more uniform products

Servo driven:

  • Precise movement
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy change-over, recipe based setup
  • Low noise levels
  • Kit for pressure rising RIA tank during cleaning to avoid water in brine in the process

Stick inserter

Benefits & features

  • Automatic with feeding from a cardboard box
  • Double magazine & Backup magazine available
  • Semiautomatic types for bundled sticks or custom sticks
  • Detection of missing sticks
  • Screw stacker or finger stacker available
  • Handling of a wide variety of custom sticks

The Extractor

Benefits & features

  • Servo driven main chain
  • Servo extraction for controlled & gentle mold extraction
  • Individual grippers
  • Individual mold release option
  • Servo controlled dip
  • Servo driven product depositor
  • Lay down options
  • Multi-dipping possibilities