Capacity up to 19.800 pcs/h

Fully flexible in-line ice cream filling machine.

Available in 8-wide configuration, for production of cones, cups and squeeze-up tubes. 2-wide and 1-wide for cups, bulks, and tubs.

Servo drives are used to control the movement of the slatted conveyor, the container inserter, the filling devices, and the ejector. The servo control gives programmable stroke lengths and speeds, making the change-over simple and fast.


  • Flexible filling machine – produces everything from mini cones to 4 litres bulks.
  • Quick change over – movements are servo driven and adjustments are stored in the user recipe for quick recall at product change over
  • Double size slats – to fit big or small products
  • Quick product change over, all the slats are simply attached with a quick lock screw system.
  • Forward movement of the slat conveyor are controlled by servo motor.
  • Station cam values adjustable during operation.
  • Inputs and outputs programmable from the OP.
  • Standard exit of products are via S/S slide to clients conveyor system.
  • Open mesh exit conveyor is available as an optional extra.
  • Slat washing unit with water spray
  • nozzles placed above and under the returning slat.
  • High flexibility: ONE GMF C model for production of Cup/Cone/ Squeeze up, Tub and bulk.
  • The indexing pitch change is made from the Allen Bradley color touch panel and stored in the recipes.

Control features

  • The design and functions of all controls are made for easy operations and maintenance
  • No cup detection
  • No cup no fill/lid ext. complete row will be cancelled
  • Automatic start up sequence
  • Equal cam timings by capacity/speed change
  • Full adjustable servo cams during production
  • Full manual control possibilities for service
  • Freezer communication
  • Online service connection

Engineered performance

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