Capacity up to 40.000 pcs/h

The Flexline filler is an automated, in-line ice cream filling machine, with capacity ranges up to 40.000 cups or cones per hour, and up to 12,000 bulk products per hour.

Machine Description

The Flexline Filler is designed and manufactured to the highest technical standard and has been developed to meet the strictest demands for efficiency, hygiene, and safety. The machine is characterized by high flexibility, comfortable working height, and great usability and can be operated from both sides. It is easy to clean and inspect.

Operation principle:

The cups, cones or containers are dispensed from the magazine into the lamellas. The lamellas index forward by a single or double stroke. Ice cream dosing takes place with either extrusion, volumetric or time-elapse filling depending on the packaging volume, ingredients and desired filling pattern.

Selectable equipment:

  • Chocolate spraying equipment for impregnation of cones
  • Time-elapse, volumetric and extrusion fillers
  • One or multi-flavour Gelderland filler for filling of large inclusions
  • Ice cream, chocolate, ripple, pencil, and other decoration units
  • Dosing of cocktails
  • Ice Cream tamping device
  • Dry ingredient dosing units
  • Cocoa equipment
  • Chewing-gum dispensers
  • Snap-in, snap-on, overcap and other types of lidding equipment
  • Heat-sealing equipment
  • Pleating and tamping equipment
  • Pick-and-place units, to transfer the filled products

Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are build into every piece of equipment we make…