Capacity up to 42.000 pcs/h

Extruded ice cream productsBT extrusion lines are production lines for high-speed extrusion of sticks, sandwiches, ball top cones, bars, logs, and cakes, and hardening of cones, cups, bulks.

64 BT lines have been delivered to leading producers of ice cream around the world during the last 10 years. This is a clear statement that our quality and expertise are highly valued by our customers.

The Gram Equipment BT extrusion lines are the latest generation of extrusion and hardening lines designed from the ground up for the ice cream industry. The design of the tunnel is based on a well-proven concept that through optimized airflow, increases the hardening efficiency. This state-of-the-art model provides full product versatility, set-up flexibility, advanced electronic synchronization, integrated performance monitoring, and exceptional hygienic standards.




Chain system


Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are built into every piece of equipment we make.

Tunnel system

Benefits & features

  • Sequential defrost with three evaporators (two in operation, one in defrost). Saves energy and maintains constant temperature in tunnel with increased and constant ice cream product quality​.
  • Air balance system minimizes humid air from production to inside the tunnel
  • ProFlow control of airflow in tunnel

The Worktable

Benefits & features

  • Format change optimized; settings are maintained for each extruder head
  • Tray cleaning without defrosting “instant wash”
  • Flexible worktable layout
  • Product in position guidance, “laser view”
  • Tensioning system is placed on worktable, outside tunnel

Chain system

Benefits & features

  • Anti-freeze chain makes cleaning easy and independent of operators​.
  • Trays mounted on more chain links minimizing polygon effect “dropping products”.
  • Sequenced motor start-up – minimize tension and wear on chain​.
  • Multiple drive motors minimize the stress on chain. Max 70 meter chain between drives.
  • Drive motors placed on top deck for easy maintenance

The Extruders

Benefits & features

  • Four stick inserters can easily be operated by a single person​
  • Servo stick inserters ensure the highest precision​ and minimize splintered sticks
  • Dust removal in stick inserters for improving ice cream product safety​

Cartonizing the right way

High performance cartonizing solutions for all levels of ice cream production. A solution made 100% for ice cream production.

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Design it and we create it!

A unique pattern can make your product stand out in the crowd of ice creams. We know how to create it!

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Unique products are valuable!

Being able to make exactly the ice cream you want is important in the ever-changing world of ice cream. We know how!

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