Capacity up to 28.000 pcs/h

The compact extrusion & hardening solution

BT-C extrusion lines are a very compact and flexible solution for producing a wide range of extruded products on one production line.
Change overs are fast and easy with the high reliability known to all Gram Equipment solutions. Made of performance proven modules the BT-C is available in several different layouts to suit all needs.

BT-C extrusion lines are the perfect solution when requirements are high flexibility in products and capacities up to 21.000 pcs/hour.

BT-C extrusion concept at a glance:

  • BT-C solution is compact and based on well known BT concept
  • High flexibility in wide range of product solutions
  • Easy and fast change over of accessories
  • Possibility for multi product line

Future growth at minimum investment:

  • Concept allows future growth in capacity and freezing
  • Upgrade to following model with extra chain layer and trays
  • Gaining more freezing time or higher capacity




Chain system


Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are build into every piece of equipment we make…

Tunnel system

Benefits & features

  • Tunnel house made of sandwich panels with 125 mm insulation and corrosion resistant stainless steel floor.
  • Equipped with 2 doors for easy access , a quick defrost can be done with doors open.
  • Drive motors placed on top of frame for easy access and maintenance.
  • Strong stainless frame design.
  • Galvanized evaporators mounted on top or side of the frame for high or wide tunnel house option.
  • Type of cooling media according to request.
  • Easy access between frames for maintenance & cleaning.

The Worktable

Benefits & features

  • Integrated chain drive with easy access.
  • Open and hygienic design for easy wash down.
  • Chain blower removes water from chain before entering the tunnel.
  • Product in place detector to avoid damaged grippers/trays.
  • Chain tension unit with air cylinder placed outside of cooling area.
  • Washing station

Chain system

Benefits & features

  • All supports in open stainless steel design ensures easy cleaning.
  • Low friction tray guide.
  • Stainless steel bearings in gearwheel with lubrication nipples.
  • Emergency stop wire inside the tunnel.
  • Double side supports for the main chain.
  • Stainless steel 3” chain lubrication free.

The Extruders

Benefits & features


  • Capable of producing different product shapes at the same time.
  • Extruder adjustment is easy and operator friendly for consistent product quality.
  • Servo controlled up down movement of the extruder , to a low low drop height of the product, giving a more precise placement
  • Pneumatic controlled cutting process

High Safety:

  • Easy pull out mechanism
  • Easy product changeover
  • No access to moving parts during production