Capacity up to 780 pcs/min

The GCS cartonizing solution has in few years proven it’s strong flexibility and solid efficiency and is today considered the most reliable high performance cartonizing solution by several large ice cream producers around the world.


High performance:

  • Up to 780 products/min.
  • Plus 10% capacity for manual add on products (rework) in ongoing production.
  • Up to 4 different product flavours in each layer.


Designed for ice cream:

  • Designed by ice cream people for ice cream people – no compromises
  • Takes all ice cream related operational requirements and conditions into consideration
  • True integration with the production line
  • Smallest footprint and full flexibility in layout to make the most out of factory floor space


Full flexibility in pack sizes and patterns

  • Packs all varieties of ice cream products required by your customers
  • Supports all your pack patterns for your customers
    • Flat stick – same side or interleaved
    • Upright stick – same side or interleaved
    • Flavor A,B,C and/or D with the possibility to mix pattern and to avoid, e.g., placing almonds on top of each other
    • Fully flexible box sizes and counts, ranging from single carton to shipping size cartons
    • Production of 2 SKU’s simultaneously


High efficiency

  • Highest performance 99++%
  • Balance system integrated by multi carton and multiflavored production to reduce waste close to zero
  • Delta robots act as buffer within the robot working area
  • Counters on inlets to allow maintain balance of infeed products
  • Carton conveyor with double servo chain for lock of cartons and recipe changer over for box sizes
  • Optional vacuum monitoring of robots’ pick heads

Further Highlights

  • By placing a complete compressed layer in the box, we can reduce the box volume.
  • Due to flavor balancing the production can breathe without bypassing good products (ABCD).
  • Gripper head combined in more pack patterns can be configured to pack 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 products per layer in one gripper head.
  • Product missing detection in gripper head – monitoring and information to operator.
  • Flavor variation from production line will be informed in light panel and can be corrected by operator.
  • Carton conveyor combined in diverse box sizes controlled by the recipe – batch handling of boxes.
  • Carton conveyor with single point of adjustment for new width boxes.
  • Top-load boxes up to a height of 240 mm.
  • Customer configurable pack patterns are made fast and easy with our newest software interface
  • Loading continuously running buckets for side-load boxes
  • Due to the multi-pick feature, less robots are required, which reduces the footprint of the machine.
  • Packing of cartons with up to 4 different flavors in each layer.
  • One supplier – One solution – Line monitoring
  • All interface functions, both mechanical, hardware and software are handled inhouse by Gram Equipment.
  • Solutions dedicated for all type of ice cream products.

Engineered performance

Our technology and know-how are build into every piece of equipment we make…