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ESG I Environment I Social I Governance

“At Gram Equipment we are looking ahead. Ahead to a greener future, where sustainable ice cream production is the key to success. We focus on ensuring that everything we do is done in the right way, pursuing a positive change. In partnership with our customers, we are transforming the way ice cream is produced.”


At Gram Equipment we care for the environment.

Across operations and the value chain, we continuously strive to learn and implement new methods of reducing our environmental footprint concerning water, waste, and GHG emissions.

In partnership with our customers and suppliers, we develop circular solutions focusing on reducing waste in ice cream production.

We prioritize creating an inclusive and safe working environment accessible to all, where we encourage our employees to be innovative and creatively impact our business future.



People are our most valued asset, and we strive to ensure an inclusive workplace for all.


We are committed to recognize general principles aimed at ensuring good corporate governance.

We adhere to responsible policies, practices, rules, and norms and fully support the principles for responsible business conduct laid down by the UN Global Compact.

Responsibility reports

Download ESG Report 2022
Download ESG Report 2022
Download Supplier Code of Conduct