Taking care of our employees has always been something that Gram Equipment has had as a key issue. Helping our employees to have a good work-life balance by being flexible and prepared to help has always been important for us as a company.

As Gram Equipment grows and takes a more and more international road we start having to focus on more than just our Danish sites. We need to broaden our horizon and take in to consideration what goes on at our international sites as well. Therefore we have started working even more with CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.


The world around us is setting higher and higher standards about how a company behaves towards its employees, its surroundings and the world itself. Companies are under scrutiny regarding treatment of their employees, the communities in which they operate as well as how they treat the environment. Therefore we have written policies and procedures to help guide us towards a more social responsible behavior.

Policies and procedures

Gram Equipment has chosen to write policies and procedures to help guide ourselves, our employees as well as our suppliers in the way with which we want to see employees, partners, local populations and communities treated.

All of our employees are trained in our policies.

Gram Equipment respects the guideline of the UN Global Compact and the ETI in our policies and procedures.

Code of Conduct

We also have a Code of Conduct which you can find under To Suppliers. Gram Equipment expects our suppliers to adhere to the Code of Conduct. We also expect our employees to handle themselves as described in the Code of Conduct.


Gram Equipment is not an environmental heavy company. We do not use water in our production, we do not use immense amounts of energy and we do not emit a lot of CO2. Transporting our machines from our facilities to our clients is done by truck and cargo ship which is a choice made by our shipping department to help ensure that we keep our CO2 emission to a minimum.

In 2016 we started having more focus on reducing our waste and sorting our waste even more so that we can send the recyclable parts to the correct facilities. Not only in the production are we sorting our waste but in the offices as well.

Social Responsible Audits

Gram Equipment ended 2016 with being audited to the Sedex Standard and URSA Standard. We got the final approval in January 2017.

At Gram Equipment we believe not only in making ice cream the way you like it but also in making our sites more sustainable to help ourselves, our customers, our suppliers and our planet.


We strive daily to improve our impact