Large Inclusion Former Extruder: 

  • Large inclusions can now be added to stick and stickless extruded products.
  • Large ratios of ingredient to ice cream are possible.
  • A roll-up addition to any extrusion line.
  • Incorporate any inclusion that can be run through an ingredient feeder.
  • Large cookie pieces can now be added to a stick product.

The Gram Equipment LIFE and LIFE-3D units have added new dimensions to extruded products. The addition of large inclusions into extruded ice cream products – stick or stickless – is now possible with 3D stamping with LIFE-3D.Life-unit end products

With the LIFE unit, ice cream producers can now meet the demand for extruded ice cream products with exciting new combinations and design. Any large inclusion, even whole biscuits that can be processed through an Ingredient Feeder, can be added to extruded products. The inclusion integrity is kept intact, and the inclusions of the finished product will almost have the same size as when they were fed into the Ingredient Feeder.

The LIFE unit is based on the patented Cryo-ZAT™ (Zero Adhesion Technology) when forming, cutting and stamping the extruded ice cream.       

The LIFE system can run stick products up to 120 products per minute.
Stickless products can be run at similar capacities, depending on downstream capabilities of existing product handling systems.