Spare Parts

Original Wear and Spare Parts

At Gram Equipment we understand that your ice cream production lines are subject to extreme conditions, which puts all components under extreme stress and temperatures. This is why Gram Equipment designs and manufactures ice cream equipment to the highest quality standards to achieve the greatest possible durability on all individual wear and spare parts.

It’s consistently proven, that the use of original spare parts and wear parts (as opposed to non-original parts) in generally improves any machine performance, reliability, and reduces overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Secure your performance and reliability with a Total Care Agreement, and let Gram Equipment cover your wear and spare part deliveries.

As part of our Total Care Program, you get;
• Discount on wear and spare parts.
• Recommendations for wear and spare part on site.
• Recommendations for critical and emergency parts on site.
• Shortest lead times guaranteed.
• Spare part kits.